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Ya Mon! Wa Gwon! Red Stripe, Jerk Chicken and Brown Liquor (Vlog)

Our accommodations in Jamaica were at a villa called Forelands Point on the Beach, in Montego Bay. The villa is a solid hour from the airport (and most civilization), which was a bit of a bummer, but the home had pretty much everything you need (besides a golf course), to keep you happy and content for a few days!

This blog post isn't going to have anything too exciting. Its just evidence of a classy Black family that gets together to celebrate life and love each other! Thats right, no reality show would be interested in this because there was no drama or conflict! The most conflict we had was this...

Night after night when the guys loaded up on brown liquor, they would head to the guest house and play pool. Adam proceeded to win 23 games of pool straight. 23. Haters say it was b/c his competition was below average. But 23 games is 23 games! He was eventually defeated by my cousin Justin...

I think the only other conflict was here....and I don't know it you can even call it conflict. It was more like photography genius by my cousin, Lena. I don't know who suggested to the old people that they should try to stand up paddle board. It just sounds like a terrible idea, right?!

I'm sure landing on that board could not feel good, and would take an old man several days to recover! For that reason, we made sure to make this happen so we could all feel better...

The other real highlight of the trip was the food. Check out this video to get a taste of life in Jamaica!!

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