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Unforgettable Group Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico on a Gulfstream IV Private Jet(Vlog)

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Let me plan this trip for you and your friends!! You deserve it!!! Even if you don't take a GIV it will still be just as EPIC.

Full service staff, (including bartender and chef of course!!), meticulously planned themed dinners, boat day, Tequila shots, beach dinner with a live band and fire dancers, more tequila shots, movie night on the lawn with a blow up screen and projector....Tequila tasting that sent me to an early grave, Mariachi band that was willing to play the ultimate prank, and a little friendly competition :) Here are some pictures so you can get a feel for the details:

Now check out the video so you can decide how to plan your epic vacation!!

This trip was filled with love because it was for a group that was genuinely happy to be together. This is exactly what Adam and I needed after being in Japan for 8 months away from our friends and family.

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