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TeamLab Planets- Digital Art Museum, Tokyo

My favorite attractions in Tokyo to recommend are the TeamLab Digital Art Museums. There are two museums, "Borderless" and "Planets", which are not that far from each other (a short train ride).

Adam and I went to Borderless alone for the first time and loved it so much, we had to bring the kids next time. So we took the kids the next two times we were in Tokyo.

This last break we made sure to check out Teamlab"Planets" . From what I heard, they said at this one you walk around in water, so its a bare foot experience. This is what was deterring me from going, because it just sounds weird, and kind of gross. But I faced my anxieties and went anyway.

Overall, we loved this museum too! I especially loved the hanging garden display. The major difference between the two would be that at Planets, there is a guided path where you go through each exhibit in the order that they lead you. I liked this the best because at Borderless, its pretty much a free for all, so its possible to miss exhibits because there is no map, and no signs to lead you in the right direction. Both are also very dark. We took our kids who are 5 and 7, and the water did go up to their knees at least. We rolled up their shorts as high as we could, and they loved it! Highly recommend it to anyone!

Check out the video:

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