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Super Bowl Weekend-The El Dorado Way

Want to know how the uber rich spend their Super Bowl weekend??

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to be included on a group text inviting myself, and a few of my friends, on the trip of a life time down to Cabo to watch the Super Bowl.

The trip started off on the right foot when we arrived to the airport to find that our friends upgraded their usual plane to a BIG ASS JET. I had always wanted to see a Global 5000 in person, so getting to ride down to Cabo on it was very exciting!

We all know the benefits from flying private, of course, one being that you don't have to go to the airport. The private airport that we flew into brings all the ladies roses and beers when we landed, making us feel like proper Senoritas :)

Once we arrived, we decided to go out to dinner. It was a great idea to go out the first night because we all know how things get after a full 24 hours of drinking Tequila!!


The place we stayed is called El Dorado Golf and Beach Club. It is a community where the mega rich go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. To stay there you have to buy a place, (or be a very lucky friend of someone who owns a place). If you're interested in buying the smallest two bedroom, which is about 1,600 sq feet, that will run you a COOL 2 Million Dollars. (Not to mention you have to then join the "club" to use the amenities for a separate fee). To see current inventory click here

My favorite things about the community are the GOLF and the EVENTS

This event was a 2 day golf tournament for the Super Bowl. It was a format of two better balls of a 4 some converted into a modified stableford. I was invited to play with one of my girlfriends who is a member, her boyfriend, and another member who i met on my last trip. Here is a picture of our group before way too many shots of tequila were consumed....

One of the things EL DO is known for is their tequila shots in a ice shot glass. Once you take the shot, you have to then throw the ice shot glass and try to hit the a bell. They have these on the golf course as well as in the dinning room. After so much tequila, its near impossible to hit the bell (even rumored that Tom Brady couldn't even hit it :) So after sooo many shots, and even ice shots...

Some of us, (not me of course) could not hold their liquor, and ended up passed out in their cart by the 16th hole!!!

Needless to say, we did not win.


So finally, Sunday rolls around, and everyone is ready for the big game! This was definitely a first of mine to watch the the game on a HUGE LED screen beachfront.

The food was incredible, and for dessert they even had a Donut Wall, which was SO BOMB

This trip to EL DO is one I will never ever forget. It was a great experience, and even better group of people that love each other and had absolutely NO DRAMA. Special thanks to Ashley and Justin for still inviting me even though Adam was already in Japan getting ready for the season. We missed his presence so much!

I'll leave you here with this final GEM. My friend LT hit the bell not ONCE, not TWICE, but THREE times in a row!! (Tom who?!)

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