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See How The Jones Crew Travels Home JAL Business Class To Wheels Up PJ (Vlog)

The Jones crew is always on the move! This trip was special because we were returning home after 9 months for Adam, and 7 months for myself and the kids. We all know traveling with kids can be daunting, especially for the long hauls, which is why we prefer to spend the extra money on business class (and other luxuries ;).

Because of Covid, there was no direct flight leaving from Kansai airport (our closest international) going straight to America, so we opted to make a little trip out of it to spend a night in Tokyo to break up the trip. In this video we go:

Kobe --> Tokyo via Shinkansen Bullet train

Spend the night in Tokyo at the Four Seasons Otemachi (one of our favorite hotels in the world)

Tokyo (Narita) Airport --> LAX via Japan Airlines Business Class

LAX --> Pheonix via Wheels Up private jet (b/c we just couldn't bare to wait the 2+ hour layover when we were sooooo close to being home)

Check out the video to have a glimpse into a typical long haul travel day for the Jones Family

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