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HOTEL REVIEW: Trunk Hotel- Shibuya City, Tokyo

The picture above is of our Junior Balcony Suite at The Trunk Hotel. So far out of all the hotels I've stayed at in Tokyo, Four Seasons Otemachi is the all around package. But what FSO is missing, it is all found right here at The Trunk Hotel. Those things are 1. The Location, and 2. A lively Bar Scene.

  1. Trunk Hotel is located in the heart of Shibuya. What is Shibuya you ask? I would compare it to the lower east side of New York City. The cool, trendy, hipster type neighborhoods can be found here. You walk out of the hotel doors, and you are amidst some of the best streets for exploring and wondering around.

  2. One of the main draws to this hotel is the Lounge or Lobby of the hotel. During the day, its an awesome coffee bar with delicious snacks. At night, it turns into a more lively scene, which reminds me so much of NYC. It draws a younger, good looking crowd, including lots of gaijin (Japanese word for foreigner). Theres a DJ playing music you can vibe to on weekends, and even if you are not staying at the hotel, its definitely a place to stop by. Heres a taste of the bar scene which i'm sure is less lively than normal due to covid:

One of our favorite details about this hotel is the adorable kids pajamas that they provide for you to use in the room. They were so cute that I went down to the store to buy some to take home. Thennn I noticed they were $60 for the top and $60 for the bottom. (insert eye roll).

We also had a nice patio on our room, which is rare to find in Tokyo. I'm always a sucker for outdoor space in a city :) It was nice to enjoy our breakfast out there in the morning. Axeus has a partnership with design hotels, so it's even nicer to enjoy FREE Breakfast on the patio.

One thing to watch out for is the fact that this is indeed a Japanese hotel, and what that means is the rooms are going to be SMALL. All of the rooms besides the Balcony Junior Suite that we stayed in, only come with one queen bed. Thats right. Even the Penthouse, room of all rooms, only has a queen size bed. With that said, I would not recommend booking the Standard room, because it is tiny. It reminds me of my single dorm room in Mitchell Hall, senior year of college. Reasons like this are why you should use a travel advisor such as myself, because I would not let you make this mistake!

Next stay, maybe I will have to stay in this Terrace Suite, with the private roof deck and plunge pool. The fact that this room only has a queen bed is a bit of an issue for 2 (almost) 6 footers to share a bed :)

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