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HOTEL REVIEW: Four Seasons Otemachi (Tokyo Business District)

FS Otemachi is the total package. I have stayed in several hotels now in Tokyo for research, and every time it brings me back to this place. Like I said, the total package.

First of all, there are only 190 guest rooms spanning over 4 or so floors. The lobby is the top on the 39th floor. When you exit the elevator on the 39th floors, you are swept away by the breath taking views as well as the sleek modern Japanese design.

The service is what sets this hotel apart from the rest. When you book with me, I'll make sure the staff knows you are coming and get the best treatment. As soon as we walk in the door, we are greeted by name. Its like they were waiting for us to arrive. A feature that the rest of the hotels need to catch on to is the IN ROOM CHECK IN. They take you directly to your room. You don't need to stand in line to give your credit card and fill out a form, you go straight upstairs, and handle the business matters sitting comfortably in your room. This is a major key when you are traveling with children.

Another benefit of working with a travel agent is that they advocate on your behalf. As I have become familiar with the staff at FSO, they wanted to wow my family and I and they knew just how to. Instead of our normal Panoramic Suite that we love so much, they upgraded us to the 2 bedroom suite which was at the time running for around $8,000 per night!!! This was the most amazing surprise and it made us feel like royalty as they know how to do so well!!

What are some things that set this place apart? One is the small things that they do for the kids to make them feel special. The kids love when they see their names written on the window when they appear. This time they even put a tee-pee in the room which although my kids are huge and too big for it, they still liked being silly and hiding in there. Also the bath robes and slippers in kid sizes are so fun for them!

Another favorite about this hotel is the food. The "American Breakfast" that they serve is unparalleled. Although they are all "American" foods they serve in the breakfast, I don't know any American that eats that much breakfast!! Seriously! The breakfast includes:

-Choice of Hot Drink


-Bakery basket (Always a croissant, muffin of the day and pastry of the day (always amazing!!)

-Fresh Fruit Bowl

-Yogurt with topping of the day (We had pineapple one day and orange one day, both delicious)

-Then egg dish of your choice with breakfast meat, potato, and mushrooms on the side

When you book with me, you get this $60 breakfast included for two people b/c of my preferred partnership with Four Seasons.

A few other quick mentions. The pool is the perfect spot to take a swim up on the 39th floor with views over the city. I personally enjoyed the onsen (hot bath) in the ladies locker room with the same incredible views. (There was a steam sauna, but not a dry sauna or cold plunge which I would really enjoy). Check out the view of the Tokyo Skytree from the onsen:

Finally, here is a video of what $8,000/night gets you at Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Otemachi :) The kids reactions are priceless and make it that much more special. Special Thanks to my partner Yuki at FSO and Chisato from 360 Travel for making this possible.

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