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So, this trip to London was the tail end of our romantic couples trip to the South of France...We figured it would be fun to have our family fly out so we could have a little international turn up (and the guys kept the party going and went to Amsterdam after).

So when I say turn up, I mean turn up! On the first night, we decided to get in touch with a promoter and get a table at a club. These are the kind of things you can only learn from experience. I'll never plan the night out to a club and then an early morning activity after. I figured we had such a short time in London, let’s cram stuff in and make the most of it! So, we had a 9am wake up call for the bus to head out for our half-day tour.

I think one of my favorite parts of London was the food! We went to some amazing dinner restaurants as well as brunch. I can't wait to share these restaurants when you are ready to plan your trip to London!! One experience that was so memorable was the High Tea at this awesome little hotel. (I will definitely set this up for you!!) I don't think I had ever had scones before, and boy had I been missing out! They were amazing!!!

Image by Hugo Sousa
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